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March 10, 2019

Routy App

Local Markets are these days more visited than ever. If you're local and make your shopping at the market, or you just came for a visit every once in a while, you know the feel of getting lost there or just looking for something for way too long.


- Dynamic and confusing environment.

- Difficult to navigate.

- Hard to tell where the new hot spots and the local gems are.

Ultimate goal

Create great experiences for visiting a local market and upgrade the shopping experience by make it more personalized.


The Background Story

Local markets are the go-to places for fresh products and great atmosphere.
The great variety attracts shoppers that are willing to visit the market even when its full of other shoppers. I created a short survey to get a bigger picture about their habitats and thoughts, 88% of them visit at the market at least once a month,
72% said they like to try street food and are constantly looking for new gems.
90% never returned to the same store again, usually because they “find it hard to look for the ones they liked last time”.


The Problem

While talking to Market shoppers, I recognised most of them had the same problems:
it took them long time to find what they were looking for, quickly, and in a good quality / price. They buy groceries at random stores, usually because they don't know where they'll find a better one. Authentic food experiences is another reason shoppers get to the market for,
and in many cases they asked for tips or check on the web to find the local jams.

— Dor and Michal shop at the market every two weeks.
While they’re shopping, they want to find new things to eat. The search for the right place takes long time and Dor is starving while Michal is frustrated.

—  Lior keeps forgetting where the stores she liked. The variety always makes her confused because “They all look the same”.

— Amir wanted to buy Salmon for dinner, he searched for a fish shop for over 30 minutes. When he finally got there  it was too late and it was closed.

Jobs To Be Done

The Needs

— Finish shopping as fast as possible.
— Easier navigation at the market.
— Direct shopping route by a shopping list.
— Market mapping by categories
— Use wisdom of the crowd to make better choices.
— Mark favorite spots and share with friends.
— Explore new gems at the market.

User jury map- Before

Timeline view

User journey map- After

Timeline view


What about
other apps?

Main competitors analysis research couldn’t find a service that helps shoppers at the whole experience. You always need to plan the route in advance, ask locals about new spots, look through endless shops without knowing where is the thing you need.

Easy app is not specific enough to a market dynamic atmosphere and street food,
but do show the local restaurants around. TripAdvisor makes you to wander in a sea of reviews so you can’t get any insight there. Google maps lets you find all attractions near your location and which popular restaurants are near you. It doesn't give information about the shops.

Meet Routy

Let Routy introduce you to the market.
Routy will take you through a great variety of themed routes through the markets.
With Routy you can navigate easily, mark your favorite shops, and create your own route and share it with friends.


Easily search through the endless variety of shops and restaurants by name or category. See more details on each shop such as opening times, list of products and average rating, and add it to your favorites list so Routy will include it in your next visit.


Discover the best spots at the market using Routy’s routes. First Timer route is a great experience to start with taking you through the must-go stops.
Food Tour route will let you find the foodie within you sending you to after the best carbs the market has to offer.

Route by shopping list

Create your own shopping lists by adding groceries or favorite shops. Routy will then generate the fastest and most efficient route possible, so you can navigate with ease through your favorite market stops.


Have you enjoyed the route you got?
Let Routy and everyone else know about it.
Routy constantly improves its insights
using your feedbacks.

At first, I took a closer look at the flow of creating a new group.
After analysing that, I searched for an event platforms and experiences that could naturally combine with the idea and are well known to WhatApp users.

Event Invitation

When a new event is created, all invited participants gets a push invitation. Event information is displayed on screen and they could easily respond and update their status about the event.

Invitation Reply

Participants can change their status at any moment using the attendance bar.
Other friends at the group can see the attendance level changes at the event info page, and get a clear view about who's coming.

Event Info

At the Event info page you will find all the information about the event like Time, date, location, participants and pushing settings.

After finalising the flow of creating new group event,
I started to ask myself how can I use other features WhatsApp offers that
can help upgrade my event feature.

Tags By Status

Tagging all participants with the same status. With this new feature, it's easier to send updates and be sure your friends gets it.

Event in a group

Creating Event is easy from an existing group. By clicking ‘Create Event in Group’ and adding event details. More participants can be invited and event photo can be changed.


Participant gets Push notification to remind them the event is about to start. when creating an event you can control the exact time this reminders are sent.


After the event ends and right before it closes and forgotten, all participants get a notification to share photos and videos with other friends from the event.


Creating new event, watering or alarm is easy, you can skip from one to another and edit it.
Watering reminders for your plants or any other reminders are easy to create.
You can even create repeatable tasks while gathering all of your tasks in one place.


View your upcoming events monthly, weekly or daily.
Get overall view and full control about your tasks.
Using the filter bar at the bottom will get a clearer to view by task type.


Daily Notification

Track your agenda on a daily basis.
Monitor your events, reminders and tasks from one screen.